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About Astrology

The exact second you were born the planets were at a certain position in the sky that created your birth chart, which tells a story about your life. Your strengths, your weaknesses, friends, lovers, parents, career, attitude, intelligence, attractiveness, sex life, talents and much more. By looking at your birth chart and natal aspects we will explore all of your potential and figure out the next steps to help further you in life.

About Jesstrologee

Welcome to Jesstrologee! My name is Jessica, and I am an astrologer and nurse who offers astrology readings to clients.

As a nurse, I have always been drawn to helping others and providing compassionate care. My passion for astrology began as a personal interest, but I quickly realized that the knowledge I gained through my studies could also be used to help others. By combining my experience as a nurse with my knowledge of astrology, I am able to provide unique and holistic readings that can offer guidance and support to those seeking a deeper understanding of their lives.

Through my readings, I use my expertise in astrology to help clients gain insight into their strengths, challenges, and opportunities. I believe that astrology can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth, and my goal is to help clients use this knowledge to make positive changes in their lives.

I take a compassionate and empathetic approach to my work, and I am committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for clients to explore their personal journeys. Whether you are facing a challenging situation, seeking guidance in your career, or simply looking for a better understanding of yourself, I am here to help.

Thank you for considering me as your astrologer. I look forward to working with you and helping you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.

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Our Services

Below are the services which I provide


I will take a look at how the planets are moving and how this will affect you and certain areas of your life.

Birth Chart Reading 

 Insight into your birth chart we will explore the unique parts of your soul which form the individual that is you.

Written Birth Chart Reading 

Written insight into your birth chart. Report includes Individual chart, explains your Personal houses, Planets, and Aspects see examples below.

Services Anchor

Wealth Report 

I will take a look at your money houses, planets, and innate talents to help you understand your attitude towards money and uncover your unique money-making potential.

Relocation Report 

When you move your chart changes as well. If considering a big move or extended far away vacation it is imperative to know how you will be affected will this bring you stress and mishaps? Or will it bring love success peace?    


The art of taking two birth charts that of yours and your partners to see how your relationship works, these complex dynamics include if your relationship is likely to last, how you make each other feel, also positive or negative affects you will have in each other’s lives. 


Frequent questions that astrology gives us insight to

* What are my natural strengths and talents, and how can I use them to achieve my goals?

* What challenges and obstacles might I face in my life, and how can I overcome them?

* What is my purpose in life, and how can I fulfill it?

* What kind of career or profession is best suited for me, and how can I achieve success in it?

* What kind of relationships will be most fulfilling for me, and what can I do to strengthen and deepen them?

* What patterns or habits in my life are holding me back, and how can I overcome them?

* How can I achieve greater self-awareness and personal growth?

* How can I navigate important life transitions or decisions with greater clarity and confidence?

* What is the best way for me to manage stress and maintain balance in my life?

* How can I live a more fulfilling and purposeful life?

These are just a few examples of the many questions that astrology can help us gain insight into. By examining the unique placements of the planets and the astrological influences at play in our lives, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us, and use this knowledge to make positive changes and live more fulfilling lives.

Sample Chart Report

1st House/Ascendant Aries

*personality traits *how others see you

  Planet Mars in 5th house

•Planet of war, competition, passion, action, sports, men

Combined Characteristics

•Go getter



  Physical Features

  • Athletic build 

  • Reddish skin tones

  • Sharp features

2nd House Taurus

*values *self worth *possessions *income


•Can be slow moving when it comes to finances

•Long term investments favored

•Shows making money through accounting, fashion, cuisine

3rd House Gemini

*communication *speaking *writing *thinking *siblings *aunts/uncles *cousins *technical skills


•Strong communication skills

•Fast thinker/talker

•Interests in multiple subjects/languages

•Short attention span

4th House Cancer

*home life *family *mother *traditions *real estate

Planet Moon in 4th house

•Planet of emotional security, moods, comfort, who we are when alone, intuition, mother

Combined Characteristics

•Moving home locations

•Emotional/moody home atmosphere

•Strong mother figure/strong intuition

•Possible success in real estate

Sample Chart Anchor

5th House Leo

*self expression *fun *romance *children *hobbies *gambling

Planet Sun in 6th house

•Planet of higher self, identity, consciousness, personality, ego, motivation in life

Combined Characteristics

•Love to have fun and date, romantic at heart

•Easily attract lovers, many lovers, hobbies/interests

•Shining in the areas of artistic abilities i.e., singing, dancing, drawing, …etc.

6th House Virgo

*daily routines *health *service to others *debt *pets/animals *ideal workplace

Planet Mercury in 5th house

•Planet of information, speech, technology, short distance travel, thinking, planning, messages

Combined Characteristics

•Lots of attention to daily habits/meticulous planner

•Enjoys caring for and nurturing people and animals

•Routinely practicing good health and routines

•Healing professions are indicated

7th House Libra

*one on one relationships *business partners *marriage *legal contracts *open enemies

Planet Venus in 7th house

•Planet of relationships, love, women, beauty, fashion, money, art


•Following in relationships

•Beneficial marriage/partnerships

•Very generous with others

•Wants a beautiful spouse/partner

•People pleasing

8th House Scorpio

*psychological issues *transformation *intimacy *unexpected events *life after marriage *other people’s money *birth *death *taxes *inheritances *fears

Planet Pluto in 8th house

•Planet of higher self, identity, consciousness, personality, ego, motivation in life

Combined Characteristics

•Intense issues around power and control

•Sexual obsessions

•Crisis situations/ forced to face fears

•Overcoming situations transforms you

9th House Sagittarius

*higher education *religion *long distance travel *professors *philosophy

Planet Jupiter in 12th house

•Planet of expansion and growth, knowledge, teachers, luck, optimism, travel

Combined Characteristics

•Interested in higher education

•Foreign travel indicated

•Business in import and export

•Guided by morals

10th House Capricorn

 *reputation *social status *father *career *authority figures

Planet Saturn in 10th house

•Planet of hard lessons, structure, routine, limits, depressive, time, order, patience


•Ambitious in career matters

•Success late in life sometimes

•Stability in career

•Hard lessons around social status/career

•Strict father/teachers

11th House Aquarius

*hopes and goals *friends *social circle *wealth *community

Combined Characteristics

•Having many friends

•Never met a stranger

•Wide social circle


12 House Pisces

*seclusion *losses *secrets *dreams *secret enemies *unconsciousness *self sabotage *emotions


•Spiritually inclined

•Being guided through dreams

•Meditation brings enlightenment

•Confusion around bad habits

Client Reviews

"Jessica was beyond insightful during my birth chart reading! Her energy and love that she puts into her readings really shows and I love how passionate she is about astrology. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking at birth chart reading are any other astrological advice. Thank you again for the wonderful read I hope to see you again in the future for another. Good vibes, Wild Violet."

Juanita Luna

"I am so grateful to jess for her kind words of wisdom. She really took her time and was patient during all of my questions and explained my chart very well!"

Nicole Jackson

"Her transit reading has prepared me to face the next few months ahead of me with confidence and grace, I will be back for year ahead readings and she was spot on about what I've been dealing with this past year. She listened and provided me with exactly what I didn't know I needed imagine that. Thank you Jessica :)" 

Suzanne Levi

"Jessica gave me a realtionship reading and I felt like she knew my fiance and I personally lol I'm so glad I got this reading done before marriage even though I knew I wanted to go forward she gave me more hope about what I can look forward to from my man thanks again, I'll be back for more."

Anita P.

I would love to hear thoughts about your experience!

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